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The Culture

The culture begins with the capture of scallops seeds, which can be in artificial form (or Hatchery) or naturally, capturing larvae present in the sea.

The collected larvae are placed in collecting bags where they will begin to grow until the juvenile stage (about 3-6 months). After that, they will move to the lanterns or growth cages where they will remain until the time of their harvest. This stage will be marked by different changes between lanterns as they grow in size, so that they have enough space to feed and move. These changes are called unfolding.

Finally, after about 18 months from harvesting the seed, the scallops will be of sufficient size and weight to be harvested and transferred to the processing plant..


The Process

This is where scallops are processed for consumption. The process leaves with the reception, where they are controlled from its origin. They are then peeled, cleaned, washed and frozen, to be packed in their final format, according to the requirements of the clients, all with a complete implemented HACCP program that guarantees the safety and optimum quality of the final product.