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Ostimar S.A. is a company dedicated to farming, processing and commercialization of sea scallops (Argopecten purpuratus).

The farming is located in Tongoy, with excellent oceanographic conditions for the production of scallops; water temperature, microbiological richness and absence of pollutants, which has allowed all sanitary certifications necessary for the export of its products to the United States and Europe. Invertec Ostimar, has 519 hectares of concession for the production of scallops in the bays of Tongoy, Barnes and Totoralillo Norte. In addition, it has almost 230 hectares available for production of scallops or for the cultivation of other species.

Invertec Pacific Seafood SA, its processing plant, is located in Coquimbo at 45 minutes from the cultivation centers, allowing the transformation of the raw material into a product of optimum quality and freshness, thanks to its HACCP certification that ensures compliance not only with the requirements of their target markets, but also with the demanding demands of their final customers.

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Our Scallops are grown and harvested from controlled areas where microbiological load levels and toxins are not hazardous to health. These areas are monitored under the supervision of the relevant health authorities. The product is not treated with antibiotics and complies with EU and FDA regulations regarding chemical residues and marine toxins.